‘USS Burketown’ Gameplay 00 – Intro Session

‘USS Burketown’ Campaign – System: Lasers & Feelings by One Seven Design

These are the voyages of the USS Burketown. Her mission: to discover strange new worlds, meet new civilisations and to carry out her Federation orders despite being cobbled together from two different vessels, having lost its Captain and being run by a skeleton crew. 

Definitely not the best ship in the fleet, but probably not the worst!

Welcome to the USS Burketown campaign using the Lasers & Feelings system. This campaign is set in the TV version of the Star Trek universe, some time after the end of the Star Trek: Voyager series.

Lasers & Feelings is a rules-light and improvisational roleplaying system inspired by Star Trek. The single-page ruleset can be downloaded from the website of its publisher, One Seven Design. While this simple set of rules is probably best suited for one-shot sessions, I will be using them for an ongoing campaign.

Character creation in L&F is very simple. Two descriptive traits are chosen to describe the character, as well as a dice-roll target number (2-5) and a open-ended character goal.

The senior crew PCs of the USS Burketown are:

421 – An Alien Engineer (4) who’s goal is to make a friend. 421 is a gender-fluid purple-furred humanoid with 4 arms and 4 legs, who was separated from her species during a massive war.

Dr Lojika – A Savvy Doctor (5) who wants to improve her bedside manner. Dr Lojika is a highly skilled medical expert but feels she is surrounded by incompetent staff.

(Name TBA) – An Intrepid Soldier (3) who wants to solve weird space mysteries. He somehow ended up as a skilled Federation soldier despite wanting to be a Botanist and study plants.

The ship itself takes its name from Burketown in Queensland, Australia. It is not a particularly significant town at this point in human history, but the players joked that all the other major cities and towns in Australia already had other ships named after them.

The USS Burketown was cobbled together from two different ships. The front half is part of a ship belonging to 421’s unknown alien race. The rear of the Burketown is the rear of a typical Federation starship, complete with standard warp nacelles. It also has the following:

Problem – Horrible Circuit Breakers, meaning that consoles and workstations may explode at any moment!

Strengths – Superior Sensors and a Superior Deflector Dish. Known as the Octodish, this 8-dish deflector array was built by 421 during her isolation from the war. It has proven to be far superior to Federation standard deflector technology and was incorporated into the hull when 421 repaired the original Federation ship by combining it with the hull of her own alien ship to create the Burketown.


That’s all for this week. Join us next time for a recap of the premiere episode of the USS Burketown Campaign!


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