‘The Ice’ Fiasco Gameplay – Part 2 (Final)

The Ice‘ Playset for Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games.

On a ship bound for the Antarctic, an old-timer does his best to keep his deadbeat alcoholic grandson on the straight and narrow, a pair of one-time lovers fight over what that night meant, and a crazed eco-terrorist makes plans to violently change the world. 

The Tilt, Act Two and Aftermath – Pink Penguin Terror!

Read Part 1 here.

The Tilt Elements

The Tilt Elements are two story elements that will change the game in unexpected ways. They may be incorporated by any player at any time. Those elements are:

MAYHEM – a dangerous animal on the loose.

GUILT – someone panics.

Act Two – Scene Summaries

Sc9. Grampa hands over a 5 litre container of aviation fuel to pay off his debt to Lauren. Lauren demands Grampa ask no questions, but the old man is suspicious and follows Lauren through the bowels of the ship, only to see her deliver the fuel to Gerty, the highly unstable eco-terrorist.

Sc10. Charlie goes to Grampa for help and advice, admitting that it was his fault the ship crashed into the Penguin Preserve island. Charlie spills the beans that he is mixed up with Gerty, and Grampa warns Charlie to stay away from the crazy woman. But Charlie won’t quit her, and Grampa berates Charlie and his drunken stupidity.

Sc11. Gerty recruits Lauren and Charlie to help her rig penguins to weather balloons. He plans on letting the wind currents carry the floating bombs into cities around the world. Its all part of her eco-terrorism plan, codename ‘Pink Penguin’. Gerty threatens to hurt Grampa if Charlie doesn’t get more aviation fuel from the old man. Lauren wants out, sick of Gerty’s demands, and leaves.

Sc12. Later, Lauren is trying to clear her head by walking alone on the deck of the ship when a penguin attached to a balloon floats by. It lands on the deck, and three crewmen try to chase it down. In the ruckus, the penguin explodes, causing havoc on the deck. Lauren is badly hurt in the explosion and tries to get help.

Sc13.  After hearing the explosion and screams, Grampa spots Gerty building penguin bombs on the ice. Gathering a group of armed men, he heads down the gangplank to confront Gerty and to stop her building more bombs.

Sc14. Charlie stumbles across the injured Lauren amid the chaos on the ship. He tries to help her at first, but then asks her to help him steal more fuel for Gerty’s bombs. Lauren collapses from her injuries but Charlie leaves her to steal several more jerry cans worth of fuel.

Sc15. Gerty sees Gramps’ posse approaching and begins to hurl terrorist rhetoric at them, stalling for time so she can prepare more bombs. Gramps holds his posse back from attacking Gerty, and Charlie arrives on the scene with more fuel. Grampa and Gerty both try their best to convince Charlie to join their side of the fight, but unable to choose, Charlie slowly lifts his cans of fuel and pours them all over himself. Gerty grabs him and connects them both to the last balloon, which catches fire and floats away.

Sc16. Lauren, having regained consciousness, stumbles onto the ice in enough time to see Gerty fly away with Charlie, on fire and strapped to the departing penguin bomb. Grampa begins to administer first aid and explains what has happens. Lauren collapses to her knees from pain and the overwhelming emotions.


Aftermath – Summary by Character

Charlie – As he floated away with Gerty, covered with fuel, Charlie took solace in the words that Gerty yelled into the fierce wind – “We did it! Pink Penguin!” The balloon drifted very quickly and the pair soon themselves over Perth, Australia, when the explosion triggered. Charlie fell to the ground in a bloody, burnt mess, right into a G20 conference, killing a group of world leaders.

Gerty – Gerty was also caught in the explosion over Perth. She has successfully made her point – but Perth is a small city and only a few people saw the sky lit with pink from the explosion. Somehow Gerty survived the explosion and fall, but lost her arms and legs, and was forced to live out the rest of her short life with her skin dyed indelibly pink.

Lauren – Her heart broken over the (apparent) death of Gerty, Lauren came under investigation for her part in the bombing and her illegal betting business was shut down. She also suffered PTSD from the penguin explosion on the ship. She hit the bottle for a time, and eventually met a nice girl. With some help from Grampa, she made an OK life for herself.

Grampa – Having nobody else after the death of Charlie, Grampa took some responsibility for helping Lauren pull herself out of her spiralling depression and they became friends of a sort. Grampa received a Civilian Bravery Medal for his role in handling the crisis, and he used his slight seniority to put a positive spin on Charlie’s role in the terrorist attacks.



This was one of my favourite sessions of Fiasco so far. We forced our characters to be active, we gave them tough choices, and people died for their principles and the sake of their own stubbornness. That’s what this game is all about. Thanks for reading.


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