‘League’ Gameplay Session 3 – Part 3 (Final)

‘League of Extraordinary Cartoon Characters’ Campaign – System: Fate Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions

When a dangerous artifact is stolen by a shadowy creature, a mismatched group of heroes is summoned to re-form the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and defend mankind! (Featuring your favourite cartoon characters from the 80′s and 90′s.)

Fighting flares all around, the source of dark power is attacked, but can our heroes bring themselves to kill?

After entering Castle Care-a-lot, the members of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen decided to split up and disable the four beams of dark energy that were powering the Synergy Holocore and spewing forth deadly radiation.

Assaulting the towers at the four corner of the castle, each hero found themselves in a different room. Michelangelo was in the castle’s kitchen, She-Ra had entered the sleeping chamber, Casper found himself in the book-filled library and Tintin found himself in a strange ‘Caring Room’ full of magic mirrors that showed vistas from the human world below the clouds.

In each room stood one of Mumm-Ra’s Canopic jars, glowing with black energy which extended outward in a beam and surrounding both Mumm-Ra and the Holocore. He-Man, who stood nearby, could not approach the monster encased in the powerful beams, but he stood ready to pounce on Mumm-Ra once they had been disabled.

In each of the four rooms, the heroes were confronted by strange furry creatures. They appeared to be bears with colourful fur and symbols on their tummies, but the darkness in their eyes clearly showed that they had been warped and bent to the will of the evil magician. These furry fighters leapt to defend their master.

In the kitchen, Birthday Bear flung a large cutting knife at Michelangelo, missing him by a whisker and stunning the Ninja Turtle with the ferocity of its attack. Good Luck Bear smashed the tap of a nearby keg of ale, making the kitchen floor slippery and dangerous. Mikey tried throwing a quick ninja star at the Canopic jar but one the bears batted it away with a frying pan.

Casper flew through the wall of the Library, trying to stay invisible to avoid the angry Bears. Unfortunately Funshine Bear could feel the ghost’s presence in the room, and emitted a bright magical light which illuminated the ghost’s invisible form. Grabbing a heavy book with a large metal seal on the cover, Casper tried to maneuver it to block the dark beam, successfully cutting off one a quarter of Mumm-Ra’s power.

Over in the Bedroom, She-Ra faced off against Bedtime Bear and Wish Bear. Deflecting a magical energy blast from Wish Bear put the Princess of Power in a good position to dodge a pillowcase full of rocks that was being swung at her head.  Being compelled not to hurt the Bears, She-Ra transformed her sword and netted them both in a single swipe. With her rivals entangled, She-Ra hefted a chest of draws and smashed down on the Canopic jar, cutting off more of Mumm-Ra’s power.

Meanwhile, in the Caring Room, Tintin was ducking behind large standing mirrors to avoid blasts of black cloud from Grumpy Bear’s cloud gun. Snowy, Tintin’s faithful dog, sprung forward to try and grab the Canopic jar but could not get close enough. Cowering from Tenderheart Bear’s energy beams behind another mirror, Tintin finally grabbed a large key from its place on the wall and flung it over the heads of the short Bear creatures, knocking the jar from its pedestal and smashing it on the ground.

Only one Jar remained unbroken, in the kitchen with Michelangelo. The slippery floor and the dangerous Bears were proving to be more than a match for the Ninja, and he was caught unawares by Birthday Bear unleashing a blast of flame from the candles on top of a birthday cake he had been baking. Good Luck Bear also managed to wound the shaken Turtle by dumping a pot of boiling water all over him, badly scalding him. Despite the pain, Michelangelo managed to wrestle the large cooking pot from Good Luck Bear and flung it across the room at the Canopic Jar, smashing it and cutting off the last source of Mumm-Ra’s power.

On top of the spire in the middle of the courtyard, Mumm-Ra was suddenly left unprotected, and He-Man took his opportunity. Grabbing the mummified sorcerer, He-Man ripped his head off in a sudden fit of rage, and threw his body down from the spire. The sorcerer was defeated, the mind control lifted from the Care Bears, and everyone gathered around the fallen body in the centre of the courtyard.

She-Ra was very angry with He-Man,  demanding to know why he had killed Mumm-Ra without taking time to question him first. He-Man made no excuses and gave no explanation. After collecting the Holocore and saying their goodbyes to the Care Bears, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen made their way back to Times Square.

Back in New York, the team was happy to find the fallen humans slowly regaining consciousness. After releasing Director Quimby from the trunk of their car, they explained what had happened and showed him the recovered Holocore.

“This device will be placed under maximum-level security at FBI headquarters,” Quimby explained, reaching for it, but Tintin hesitated to give it to him. Discussing amongst themselves, the team decided that the Holocore was too dangerous to give to anyone, even the FBI. Despite Quimby’s protests, the team agreed that it must be destroyed, and they all punched it simultaneously to shatter it into a million pieces.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - 1996

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – 1996

Roll credits.


GM Notes:

I thought our climactic final battle was quite fun. I’ve condensed the events and simplified the order of things for the sake of brevity. My only regret was that it was too easy for most of the heroes to accomplish their goal. Only Michelangelo struggled to destroy his target, and he was the only character I was able to inflict a consequence on for the entire campaign. Mikey’s player was a little frustrated that he couldn’t do his task easily, but I didn’t have much sympathy as it was the only struggle anyone had to face for the whole story.

In hindsight, I should have given He-Man something to do while he stood guard over Mumm-Ra. I should have had the Lion Care Bear transform and attack him, but I didn’t think of it in the midst of the story. I did get some satisfaction from compelling He-Man to rip off Mumm-Ra’s head and then compelling She-Ra to hate him for killing. If there was an ongoing story it could have set up some tasty conflict.

Thanks for reading about our League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – 80s/90s Cartoon Characters campaign!


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