‘League’ Gameplay Session 3 – Part 2

‘League of Extraordinary Cartoon Characters’ Campaign – System: Fate Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions

When a dangerous artifact is stolen by a shadowy creature, a mismatched group of heroes is summoned to re-form the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and defend mankind! (Featuring your favourite cartoon characters from the 80′s and 90′s.)

The villain is cornered, a castle is assaulted, and the final battle is begun!

After ascending the rainbow bridge to a strange land beyond the clouds, the League freed a furry lion-creature who promised to lead them on Mumm-Ra’s trail. As Brave Heart Lion led our heroes through the strange countryside, a Castle loomed on the horizon. It was called ‘Care-a-lot’, the Lion explained, but the group could tell that something was wrong. Flickering lights were visible beyond the castle walls, and the radiation detector on Tintin’s scanner was peaking at dangerous levels. The castle gates lay open and unguarded, almost daring the League to enter.

Inside, a wide courtyard was strewn in disarray. Carts, barrels and boxes lay haphazardly where they had fallen. In the centre of the courtyard stood a tall monolith, surrounded by a circular staircase. At the topmost landing, Mumm-Ra himself stood shrouded in ghostly light, the Synergy Holocore held aloft in his hands.

The light encased both Mumm-Ra and the Holocore, and seemed to be being fed by smaller beams of energy emanating from each of the four turrets of the castle walls. He-Man ascended the spiral stair to attack Mumm-Ra and stop the dangerous radiation, but try as he might, even the Most Powerful Man in the Universe couldn’t penetrate the energy barrier.

At this point, the radiation levels were dangerously high, so the members of the League knew they must act quickly. They planned to split up and disable the energy beams in the four towers simultanously, hoping that the field protecting Mumm-Ra would be disabled. He-Man volunteered to stand watch over Mumm-Ra while She-Ra, Tintin, Michelangelo and Casper each tackled one of the towers.

Michelangelo, the swift Ninja Turtle, ascended the stairs to the top of the first tower, only to find himself in some kind of Kitchen. Large stoves were built into the walls, and the large benches were covered in pots, pans and food prep material.

Casper flew straight through the wall of his chosen tower, and realised that he was in a large library, full of dusty books on large wooden bookcases. Comfy chairs stood around the room, globe maps of Earth, quills and inkwells adorned a collection of reading desks.

In She-Ra’s tower, the Princess of Power found a large sleeping dormitory filled with four-poster beds. The long curtains that hung from the bedposts swayed in the lazy breeze coming in through the window, pushing dust between the chests and wardrobes set against the walls of the room.

With his dog, Snowy, hot on his heels, Tintin burst into a room like none he’d ever seen before. A sign labelled ‘Caring Room’ hung above the doorway, and inside he found an oversized thermometer-style measuring device built into one wall. It was labelled ‘Caring Meter’,  stood 6 feet tall and whatever it was measuring seemed to be declining even as he watched. Set alongside the walls were a collection of man-sized mirrors in large wooden frames.

And at the centre of each tower room stood an Egyptian Canopic Jar – the same jars that had gone missing from the Museum of Natural History. From each jar, a powerful beam of light shone forth and through a nearby window. Each of the jars were directing their unholy energies towards Mumm-Ra and the Holocore at the centre of the courtyard.

However, stopping those energy beams would not be easy, as our heroes were not alone in those tower rooms. Each of the League members found themselves confronted by two bear-like creatures, who were similar in stature and colourful furry coat to their ally, Brave Heart Lion. These three-foot bears looked cute and friendly at first, but as they turned to gaze on those who had entered their domain, the heroes saw that their eyes were clouded with a reddish darkness that twisted their innocent countenance into one of anger and fear.

The warped Care-Bears

The warped Care-Bears


Provoked by intruders in their midst, the warped bears leapt forth to attack them and stop them from interfering with the four Canopic jars.


GM Notes

I couldn’t have a game based on 80’s cartoons without fighting evil Care Bears! I was so pleased with myself when the idea came to me.  I had to learn more about Care Bears than I ever thought I would, but I think it was a nice reveal and a unique final battle.

It was slightly unfortunate that He-Man chose to basically sit the battle out by ‘standing guard’ over Mumm-Ra while the others were fighting. In retrospect, I should have made something for him to fight. He did have something to do in the end, which you’ll see in my final post for this campaign – League Session 3 – Part 3.


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