‘Main Street’ Fiasco Gameplay – Part 2

‘Main Street’ Fiasco – System: Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games

Players: 4

The death of a relative can bring an entire family together – especially if she is filthy rich. It can get complicated when your con-man Uncle is back in town, the funeral director is hitting on your cousin and you’ve just found a suitcase full of cash in your Great Aunt’s attic. Let the Fiasco on Main Street begin.

The Tilt, Act Two & Aftermath – Fangs, cash and flaming wreckage.

After Act One , cousins Freddie and Lily had hidden a suitcase full of cash from their Uncle Holden, who stood to receive the lot from Great Aunt Jessie’s will.



At this point, the Tilt elements were introduced into the game. Our Tilt elements were:

Guilt – greed leads to killing

Mayhem –  a dangerous animal (perhaps metaphorical) gets loose



Great Aunt Jessie’s funeral was in progress at the funeral home when a large truck pulled up outside, blasting the horn. Holden snuck out to talk with the driver and Pat demanded to know what was going on. This was the delivery of Holden’s cheap coffins, and the gun-toting driver was demanding payment, which Patrick was unable to make up front. Holden convinced Pat to check out the merchandise, and he recognised the wood as coming from the Amazon rainforest. Patrick and an assistant named James carried the coffin into the embalming room for inspection, and when they opened it they found a large tropical snake trapped in the box. The snake lashed out, biting James, before slithering away into another part of the funeral home.

While this was happening, the funeral had concluded and the lawyers were reading Aunt Jessie’s will. Holden, Patrick and the truck driver overheard that Holden stood to gain $800,000. The truck driver agreed to give Holden a week to pay for the coffins, but wanted some collateral, so he hit Patrick over the head and stowed him in one of the spare coffins, driving away with him. Holden immediately approached the lawyer about how quickly he could get the money, and the lawyer revealed that Jessie kept most of it in a suitcase in her attic. Knowing that Freddie and Lily had been cleaning the house, Holden rushed to Jessie’s house to search the attic.

After the reading of the will, Freddie and Lily noticed Holden rushing off. They assumed that he was ransacking the attic to find Aunt Jessie’s money. They decided to grab the suitcase that they had stashed in the funeral home and get out of town. Freddie went to arrange some transport while Lily retrieved the suitcase.

Lily entered the embalming room, where the suitcase was hidden, to find James writhing in pain from the snakebite. He begged her for help but she refused. Distracted by James, she didn’t see the canvas of her suitcase rippling and as she reached out for it, the snake struck again, biting her. Lily fainted.

Green Mamba by Matthias M (via Wikimedia Commons)

Green Mamba by Matthias M (via Wikimedia Commons)

Patrick regained consciousness in a coffin in the back of the moving truck. As it drove over some speed bumps, his coffin fell from the vehicle, smashing open. Bruised but free, Patrick ran back to the funeral home to discover Lily and James both unconscious on the floor from their snakebites. Patrick tried to help Lily, his high-school crush, and yelled for someone to call an ambulance.

Holden, having ransacked the attic and finding no cash there, returned to the funeral home. He assumed that Lily and Freddie had found it already, and also that they had it with them. He came across Patrick with the unconscious Lily in his arms, and a bulging pair of suitcases nearby. One case held the cash and the snake, and the other Lily’s clothes. Holden refused to help Patrick and berated Lily for trying to hide the money from him. Taking both cases, Holden left, and Patrick did nothing to stop him.

Freddie pulled her car into the funeral home parking lot, expecting to see Lily waiting with her two suitcases. Instead, she saw Holden loading the suitcases into the passenger seat of his car. Freddie tried to block the exit driveway with her vehicle but Holden spotted her and put his foot down. The cars crashed together and Holden was dazed from the impact. Freddie tried to grab the suitcases, but Holden desperately clung on to one of them. Freddie took the other, but nobody knew that one contained the deadly snake. Meanwhile, Freddie spotted the ambulance collecting Lily and Patrick, and decided to follow it to the hospital.

Several hours later, Lily was laying in a hospital bed with Patrick at her side. Freddie entered, having finally been allowed to visit her cousin. As Lily regained consciousness, Freddie told her what had happened, and that she still hadn’t looked in the suitcase that she was carrying. She finally unzipped it to see the welcome sight of a pile of money – as well as the deadly snake!



The Aftermath was played as a quick summary  of the end of the story for each character.

Freddie Sommers – After the snake got loose in the hospital, Freddie was blamed for the various injuries and deaths. Coupled with the plan to steal the suitcase full of cash, Freddie wound up with considerable jail time.

Holden Sommers – Taken to the hospital following his crash, Holden suffered severe brain damage and lived out his few remaining years in a rest home, until he was killed by an assassin of one of his shadier business partners over unpaid debts.

Lily Sommers – The snakebite triggered a rare and incurable medical condition in Lily, that required a lifetime of expensive, ongoing treatment. In order to afford that treatment, Lily agreed to marry the wealthy Patrick, despite not really caring for him or loving him.

Patrick Spiller – After proposing to and marrying Lily, Patrick was happy for a time, but her cold distance began to wear on him and he could never shake the thought that she didn’t really love him and only married him for his money.


GM Notes

We rolled a dice to see who ended up with the ‘snake suitcase’ at the end of the story. I think the random diceroll worked out well!

We will definitely be playing Fiasco again sometime soon. Hope to see you next time.


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