‘League’ Gameplay Session 2 – Part 3

‘League of Extraordinary Cartoon Characters’ Campaign – System: Fate Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions

When a dangerous artifact is stolen by a shadowy creature, a mismatched group of heroes is summoned to re-form the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and defend mankind! (Featuring your favourite cartoon characters from the 80′s and 90′s.)

A secret identity comes to light, the ultimate danger is unveiled, and a monster emerges from hiding!

After learning that the creature behind the museum robbery was an undead sorcerer named Mumm-Ra, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were now trying to discover the nature of the dangerous item that he had stolen.

Following a lead on the CEO of the Starlight Foundation, the League made their way to the Benton Estate, an hour’s drive out of New York City. On their arrival, they were admitted to the mansion by a friendly butler, only to be bluntly informed by a Dr Danvers that Jerrica Benton, the elderly CEO, was too sick to receive visitors.

This did not sit well with He-Man. Ms Benton was the only person they could find who knew the truth behind the projector device at the Museum of Natural History – a part of which had been stolen by Mumm-Ra. He-Man reached for his Sword of Power…


He-Man – I have the power!


In a dazzling display, He-Man channeled the power of the Sword, dazzling Dr Danvers into submission. Cowed, the Doctor admitted the visitors into the room of  his patient, Ms Benton.

While the rest of the group was talking to Ms Benton, Tintin took the opportunity to split off and investigate the house with Snowy at his side. He snuck through several quiet rooms, until he found himself in what seemed to be the Master Bedroom. Making a quick search, he threw back the doors to a large wardrobe, and his eyes grew wide with astonishment at the strange objects inside!

Back in the sitting room, Dr Danvers introduced Ms Jerrica Benton, the CEO of the Starlight Foundation. Ms Benton was very elderly, and confined to a comfortable armchair in the dim room. The Doctor explained that her condition was very serious, and that he would not allow her to be distressed. As calmly as possible, the remaining members of the League explained about the the museum robbery, and asked about the nature of the projector machine that had been donated by the Starlight Foundation so many years ago.

At first, Ms Benton was very hesitant to speak. She seemed emotional, almost overcome with fear. It was not the strange visitors that scared her, but the details of the robbery, and the nature of the object that was stolen. Using his friendly charm to calm Ms Benton’s nerves, Casper consoled the woman to the point that she could explain everything.

The ‘projector device’, Ms Benton explained, was called Synergy. It had been invented by her late father, Dr Emmet Benton, and it was designed to be the ultimate  audio/visual entertainment synthesiser. It was equipped with artificial intelligence and a powerful projection system that could project lifelike holographic images.

At that moment, into the room burst a flustered Tintin, carrying an armful of strange clothing. He had gathered the clothes from the bedroom, and brought them to show the other members of the League. “I know who Jerrica Benton is!” he exclaimed, while Ms Benton gestured for someone to pass her a nearby photo album. Opening the album, she showed the group a collection of photographs.

Jem and the Holograms, c. 1989.

Jem and the Holograms, c. 1989.

“It’s true,” Ms Benton explained. “Thanks to the holographic powers of Synergy, I was famous for a time. My friends and I were the international music sensation known as Jem and the Holograms.”

Tintin knew most about Jem and the Holograms, and putting their stage costumes aside, he briefly explained that they had become an overnight sensation in the mid 80’s, but had disappeared just as quickly as the decade drew to a close. “What happened to the band? And what happened to Synergy itself? Why did you donate it to the museum?”

“Those were amazing times,” Ms Benton continued, “but we never knew what was happening to us. When we found out, it was already too late to stop the effects of the radiation. You see, Synergy’s holographic projections were harmful, and repeated exposure began to take its toll on our health. I’m sad to say that the rest of my friends are dead, and I am as you see me now. Although I look like an old woman, I’m only 26 years old.”

M Benton explained that the part stolen by Mumm-Ra must have been the Synergy Holocore, the source of the holographic projections. When the deadly effects of the holograms had come to light, Jem had tried to destroy the machine by damaging its internal circuitry, leaving Synergy without any intelligence, only able to project the simplest lights and sounds with no risk of radiation. Not wanting her Father’s legacy to be a complete waste, she had arranged to have the machine donated for public display, with assurances from the FBI that its origins would never be made public.

“I don’t know what this monster intends to do with the holocore,” Ms Benton explained, “but the deadly radiation could be used as a terrible weapon. You have to stop him!” Collapsing into a coughing fit, Dr Danvers explained that she needed her rest, and the members of the League quietly left the Benton Estate.

A short way into their drive back to New York City, a call came in over Michelangelo’s video shell phone. It was Deputy Directoy Quimby of the FBI, calling from Times Square. “Where are you?” he demanded urgently. “Mumm-Ra is here in Times Square! My agents can’t get near him. I don’t know what he’s doing, but he’s using some kind of device to… Oh no!” Quimby’s eyes rolled back in his head, and the videophone fell to the ground with a clatter as the man collapsed. Needing no further instruction, the League made their way directly to Times Square at top speed.


GM notes

I had planned a social combat between the players and Jerrica Benton / Dr Danvers, but since our session was running late and Casper has a stunt for ‘making friends easily’ I decided to forgo it in the heat of the moment. You can probably tell from the  length of this post that I had over-written the whole story of the adventure, but hey, we live and learn.

Jem was originally an option for one of the player characters, but when J chose to play Tintin instead, I decided to incorporate Jem into the storyline. Although I think the disparate elements of the story work fine together, it was a little bit of a downer to write such a sad story for poor old Jem.

Would the League be able to rescue Dept. Director Quimby? And was Mumm-Ra attempting to trigger the weapon in Times Square? Find out next time, in Session 3 – Part 1.


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