‘League’ Gameplay Session 1 – Part 3

‘League of Extraordinary Cartoon Characters’ Campaign – System: Fate Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions

When a dangerous artifact is stolen by a shadowy creature, a mismatched group of heroes is summoned to re-form the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and defend mankind! (Featuring your favourite cartoon characters from the 80′s and 90′s.)

Battle is begun, magical serpents materialise and ingenuity proves invaluable.

After examining the evidence at the scene of the crime, the newly formed League found themselves under attack by a writhing horde of glowing blue snakes that had erupted from a nearby sarcophagus. The creatures were scattering in every direction, spreading out through the Museum and threatening to bite anything in their path. The screams of school children and other patrons could be heard coming from the central hall, and in the ‘Treasures of the Onyx Pyramid’ exhibit, our heroes were also under attack from the snakes.

He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, was first to act. Using his immense strength, he picked up one of the nearby empty sarcophagi, raised it above his head, and threw it towards a group of snakes heading for the exit. The huge stone box crushed many of the snakes, grinding them into a glowing blue powder that blew away on a stray gust of wind.

Bringing forth her Sword of Protection, She-Ra also lashed out at the threatening creatures. Transforming the Sword into a large net, she corralled a group of snakes, netted them and smashed them into a nearby wall. Michelangelo made use of his Ninja training, which teaches that any object can be used as a weapon, and he picked up a pair of the snakes and began wielding them like his signature nunchaku weapons. He managed to hurt many of the snakes before he was bitten by one of the snakes in his hand.

Concerned for the civilian patrons of the Museum, Casper and Tintin rushed from the Egyptian exhibit and into the mail hall. Tintin could see that the snakes were everywhere, but he knew that he couldn’t help by fighting them one-on-one. He spotted one of the other exhibits named ‘Da Vinci’s Marvellous Machines’ and rushed toward it, hoping to find something to help with the battle. Meanwhile, She-Ra approached the information desk and began directing the evacuation of the Museum over the PA system.

Noticing that some snakes were making their way through a service door and towards the lunch room where her friend Barney the security guard was sitting, Casper flew through the air, passing through the walls and into the lunch room. He found Barney huddled in the corner, and wasting no time, tried his best to barricade the door with the flimsy lunch room furniture. His efforts were valiant, but the snakes were preternaturally strong and soon broke through. Casper fought against the serpents, and managed to drive them away before they could hurt Barney.

Back in the main hall, a loud whirring sound could be heard coming from the Da Vinci exhibit. He-Man braced himself, preparing to defend against some unknown assailant, when a large, rolling machine the size of a car burst through the doorway, piloted by Tintin. The young reporter had managed to commandeer one of the museum exhibits, a fully functional grass-cutting engine which had been built to specifications drawn up by Da Vinci himself. Piloting the machine through the wriggling mass of snakes, he cut them down in large numbers while his companions took care of the few that evaded him. In short order, the magical snakes were taken care of.

Tintin mowed down the snakes with Da Vinci's grass-cutter

Tintin mowed down the snakes with Da Vinci’s grass-cutter. Scything blades not pictured.


Where to next, the group wondered? They had a few leads to follow, such as the story of the mysterious machine donated by the Starlight Foundation, and the fact that whoever stole this ‘dangerous object’ had been smuggled into the museum inside what otherwise seemed to be a legitimate archeological exhibit. Michelangelo flipped open his radical shell phone and put a call in to April O’Neil to ask her to do some research on the Starlight Foundation. Tintin also knew many people who knew people, and began to rack his brain over whether he knew anyone connected to Egyptian Archeology within academic circles in New York.


GM notes:

This was our first big battle. It was a bit free-form, since the rules don’t strictly cover mobs or swarms of enemies. I wanted to give my players a free pass to go wild with their imaginations in the Museum against an enemy that could be dealt with at my convenience. I liked how they used their imagination when playing out their actions, especially the nunchaku snakes and the Da Vinci lawn-mower.

In all honesty, I was impressed by the restraint of my players. I half expected them to trash the museum, and I had given them the names of several other exhibits that they could have played in – ‘The Era of the Dinosaurs’ and ‘Our Native American Heritage’. We did get some fun out of the Da Vinci exhibit, and I compelled Michelangelo to accidentally destroy a T-Rex skeleton, but he refused the compel. It might have been slightly mean of me to pick on him twice to accidentally cause havoc, as I had with the ‘Ancient Egyptian Pizza’, but I wanted to push the characters into a place where their heroic actions weren’t always cleanly executed.

We wrapped up the session on the note I made above – with two of the investigative-type characters calling contacts for more information, which I thought would lead nicely into the next session. What would their digging turn up? Would they uncover the truth about the stolen device? Find out next time in Gameplay Session 2 – Part 1.




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