‘Henchmen’ Gameplay Session 2 – Part 2

‘Henchmen’ Campaign – System: Fate Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions

In a fantasy world with strange races, magical powers and a hierarchy of heroes and villains, we are Henchmen – soldiers for hire and underlings to an evil Lord.

Buildings burn, rides are hijacked and assassins come to claim a bounty.

At the end of Session 2 – Part 1, the forces of the Golden Shield, led by Prince Martin, had descended on a known henchman hideout called The Low Bar. With numerous soldiers, several Blue Mages and a handful of Royal Knights, they had come to serve justice and deal with the outlaw henchmen. They put their torches to the wooden building, setting the bar ablaze and meaning to kill all those inside.

Knowing that the odds were against them, the players decided to try and make their escape across the rooftops of the close-packed buildings. They ran to the third-floor window and began the journey, but dark shadows followed them across the rooftops. Elven archers astride flying Griffins were chasing them, raining arrows from above.

Griffin Rider by Schleich Toys

But the Griffin riders were no match for our seasoned warriors, who quickly brought them down. One used their mushroom shield as a missile, unseating an Elven rider, while Polly physically threw Tim the Tiniest Magician at another. Tim managed to kick the rider from his mount, and land in the saddle, taking control and calming the beast. The rest made their way clear of the Low Bar, heading for one of the gates to the inner city.

The nearest gate was reached only as dusk fell, as the gate guards prepared to close up for the night. The henchmen elected Quinn, as the most forceful and persuasive member of the group, to do the talking, but at first she was unable to convince the guards to let them in. Not wanting to press their luck, the players tried another wall gate, and this time were given entry, only to be stopped by a challenging yell before they could enter the High City.

Three men in black hooded cloaks stood nearby, calling for ‘The Knife’ to come forward and face them. They had come for his head, they calmly explained, before leaping forward to attack him.


The attack by the Griffin Riders was a fun encounter, but it was over way too quickly. I made the Griffins + Rider a single combatant, and a single hit-box mook at that. A few useful ‘create advantage’ actions gave the players ample bonuses and the mooks were dispatched in two quick rounds of combat. It was fun having Tim capture and pacify one of the Griffins, but looking back, I should have made mount and rider separate creatures with their own stats and hit boxes.

We also had a small problem trying to talk our way past the guards at the gate. The group elected Quinn to do the talking, but Quinn’s player, J, was a little flustered at having to think of a creative argument off the cuff. After failing at the first attempt, the group had the bright idea to just try another gate to avoid suspicion. I found that amusing and was happy to let them do it.

Of course my assassins were waiting for them at whichever gate they managed to talk their way through… but you will have to wait for Session 2 – Part 3 to find out whether the assassins were able to collect The Knife’s head and their bounty.


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